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Special Communities in a Special City. More than a beautiful city with the clichéd list of attractions, London is situated like few other cities in Canada. Just a short drive from London you’ll find historic sites, theatres, provincial parks and some of the best freshwater beaches in the world. Not to mention golf courses and sporting events of the finest caliber- even host to world-class events and championship teams. Every summer evening, the lights dim and the curtain rises on stages throughout the area. The world famous Stratford Festival, Huron Country Playhouse and the Port Stanley Summer Theatre, among others, offers first class entertainment. And when the heat of summer has you dreaming about cool breezes and long sandy beaches, both Lake Erie and Lake Huron are within an easy drive. Discover our regional history, our fall fairs and the vibrancy of our region. From the first ‘hello’ that greets you on your arrival you’ll be aware of the warmth and sincerity of London.

Easy to find websites bring together the resources of community cultural partners and local arts groups, providing a detailed source for event listings, venue information and directions, as well as an extensive directory of local artists.

For a world class amenities and lifestyle, one of the most advantageous real estate values in all of Canada, and remarkable location, consider London.

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